Soca open Valley 2013

First paragliding competition in 2013 Camp Gabrje season has finished with 2 valid tasks.  Last day we were a bit unlucky with wether situation, due to light rain we decided to cancell the final task after 45 minutes of racing...

Here are the 2013 winners 

1. MARKO NOVAK (Ozone Enzo)
2. JURIJ VIDIC (Ozone Enzo)
3. MIHA SLAMIČ (Niviuk Icepeak)

Sport class
1. PAVEL IKER (UP Trango XC2)
2. PETER SIMONICS (Nova Mentor 3)
3. PAVEL TITOV (Nova Mentor 2)

Female ranking
1. NICOLE FEDELE (Niviuk Icepeak)
2. EWA KORNELUK-GUZY (Ozone Mantra 4)
3. IVANA BROZIČ (Macpara Marvel)

Photos by Ewa Korneluk-Guzy (

Other news

Last competition day we had again good conditions for flying in first part of the day. Overdevelopment in the afternoon forced pilots to finish the race soon.

At the beginning of the season we have organised hike & fly event Bordairline.

We are preparing the campsite for the new episode. Last stage of the preparation is so called "Grablce party". This year on Saturday, 30.4. Beginning after 9am.

We have again some good weather prediction, it is time for FLYALARM!