German open, day 5

Yesterday many pilots enjoyed late night party as it all looked like that today flying will be under big question. Well, weather turned around and surprised many with nicest day so far. We went to Lijak as there was a big chance for thunderstorms here in Soča Valley.

Task was finally set also to Vipava valley where we had goal at pizzeria Anja. Task was something more than 60 km long and again we had many pilots in goal.


Results will be published here, gallery from today is here. We have video also today ;)

Other news

Last competition day we had again good conditions for flying in first part of the day. Overdevelopment in the afternoon forced pilots to finish the race soon.

At the beginning of the season we have organised hike & fly event Bordairline.

We are preparing the campsite for the new episode. Last stage of the preparation is so called "Grablce party". This year on Saturday, 30.4. Beginning after 9am.

We have again some good weather prediction, it is time for FLYALARM!